Friday, August 12, 2011

Stop looking and God will give you what you want

I keep getting the message today as I have been working and settling in, "Stop looking and God will give you what you want," so I wanted to sit down and blog about that very thought for a moment. I feel like looking or seeking outwardly naturally can come from a place or feeling of lack. For instance, if I feel like I lack money, I am going to seek money in the world... The problem when my search for money comes from a feeling of lack, or "not enough," I keep getting money, but I never get enough to really get ahead. If, instead, I looked at whatever inside of me that felt lacking in wealth and asked divine light to heal that feeling of lack, I would naturally start creating situations that brought me money. I would not stop taking actions in the world that would bring me money, I would just be coming from a place of peace and divinity instead of lack.

The same goes for all kinds of searches. I search for peace, but I can't find it... I search for love, but I can't find it. Instead, asking for divine assistance to feel peace or to feel love, I naturally heal what stands in my way of that peace and love. Then I naturally, without seeking, create situations that create peace and love. (Or, in other words, God, Goddess, Divine light brings to me what I want.)

Thanks for listening... The divine kept tapping me on the shoulder about this one and I hope it helps everyone out there reading. Love and Light, Liz

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