Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holding the Space for a New Year

One thing about intuition that is super important to remember is that it takes time sitting and being to find it. I know I have said this time and time again, but you can't expect yourself to hear your inner voice when you are always busy and on the go. Yes, some people have magic intuitive powers that exist without time and energy focused on them, but for the rest of us, it take time and cultivating and nurturing to hear our inner voice.

So, I know this time of year we are all thinking about the year that we are leaving and the awesome new year that we are opening to and we make resolutions or commitments to ourselves for the upcoming year. In this year, especially the year 2012 with the Mayan calendar coming to an end and the new energy and world emerging, it seems timely to commit to spending time with your inner voice so that you can hear your intuition and lead your life from it. (By the way, those of you in LA, I am teaching a class called Awakening your Divine Voice on January 14th, 2012 in Pasadena.)

A basic "how to" would be to sit with pen and paper and just be. Observe your thoughts. If your thoughts are wandering all over creation, listen to the themes of the thoughts that you are hearing. Write down the themes. This is not a time for heavy journaling, just a time to reflect on the areas that your mind is focusing on. Let's say you're worried about your weight, your kids, your money or lack of it, your health. Whatever the themes are, put them down. Write down, weight, kids, money, health. At the end of 5 or ten minutes of sitting with your thoughts, ask for divine light to embrace the areas that you are struggling with. "Divine light embrace my fears and help me to release them so that I feel clear and healthy and whole."

As you do this exercise consistently in your life, your divine voice will naturally start giving you direction and guidance on how to heal the areas that you are concerned about. Let's say you're concerned about health, perhaps a doctor will come into your head to talk with or a acupuncturist or a book that you could read that will help. If anything comes to your brain, write it down.

The biggest thing to remember is that you are not trying to search for the answer when you sit with yourself. You are spending time being and the answer will naturally come. If you sit and try to figure out what is going on with your health, your brain will be too active and the solution that you are coming up with is from your mind, not from your inner voice. Sometimes the mind comes up with good solutions, but your divine voice is infinitely more connected to the world around you and therefore, infinitely more intelligent than your mental mind. It will naturally come up with better and more complete solutions.

Again, the key to this exercise is not to do it to find answers initially. Do it to hear yourself and nurture yourself. To spend time with your concerns and to ask for divine assistance with those concerns. The divine voice will naturally awaken when you are honoring yourself and spending time being. 

Many blessings to you all for this powerful new year.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Seeing Energy

Today, I thought I'd talk about training yourself to see energy. I went to a friend of mine's Channeling group the other night and could see the energy dancing over the head of a guy who did a bit of channeling and it was fun to see. (Channeling is connecting with the divinity within ourselves and expressing from that divine place.) Seeing energy is not necessary in the process of being intuitive, but it is fun and it gives us further experience and, therefore, further internal proof that there is more than meets the eye to life as we know it.

So, how to see energy. Some of you will be better at this than others. Seeing energy always reminds me of those posters that they used to sell where all you see is an abstract design, but then when you look at it a certain way an image pops out. Do you remember those? I always sucked at seeing the picture within the picture on those posters, so some of you just won't be able to see energy. Don't get frustrated with yourselves, because you might be better at seeing energy internally, or feeling energy, or hearing divine messages. This really is just for fun.

Go to a place where there is not a lot of energetic noise. For instance, if you go to a store like Target to see energy, it will be hard to see because there is so much energy bouncing around. The place I used to go to get my eyes in tune with energy was up in the mountains where there were trees. Trees or plants are easier to see energy on because they don't move around like animals or humans and because their energy is more dynamic than an inanimate object like a rock.

Pick a tree that seems healthy and vibrant. Let yourself sit and stare at the tree without focusing really hard to see the details of the tree. Be far enough away from the tree so you are not seeing the details of the leaves or the bark of the tree. Sit and be willing to see without trying or forcing yourself to see the energy of the tree. You'll have to sit for awhile, so be patient. The first time I saw energy on a plant, it looked like the plant was swarmed with bugs, but on closer observation there was nothing on the plant.You may see energy this way, or you may have a unique way of seeing the energy.

Once you start seeing energy on trees and you have practiced for awhile, try going out in public and observing energy on people and animals.

It's a lot of fun to see energy, so try it. As I say, some of you will be able to see energy and some of you won't. Don't beat yourself up if you can't. You have other talents, and those talents will reveal themselves over time.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Affirmations vs. Lying

How's everyone doing with "lying" and feeling into the energy of the lies? Hope well.

I have had some comments that sometimes affirmations feel like lies because if we affirm that we have limitless money and limitless resources and on a physical level we don't, that affirmation feels the same as lying. That is interesting to me as well.

I live on the assumption that we are all limitless abundance of all that is divine. We are limitless health, limitless wealth, limitless joy, peace, love, wisdom, balance, passion, clarity, and truth. This assumption comes from the internal feeling and experience that I get through meditation and hanging out with the divine nature of who I am over the years. (Meditation takes many forms for me and isn't always just sitting. I love to spend time with the divine while walking in the mountains, doing yoga, dancing, driving and all kinds of other "meditations.")

Many people have talked to me about affirmations and how the affirmations feel like a lie if they aren't experiencing what they are affirming. Again, let's use the example of someone who has very little money and who I might encourage to do an affirmation such as, "I am limitless abundance, I am limitless wealth." Doesn't that seem similar to the lying that we were playing with in our last exercise?

There is actually a small but very important distinction. With lying, we are saying we have something on the surface that we don't have or we are someone who we are not. For instance, if we lie and say that we have jets at our disposal and we are famous and we are naturally shy and like to live a simple life, this is a lie that would never resonate in our soul. We could never create this life.

When we affirm the essence of who we are, we are affirming a deep internal truth that our body and being resonates with. We may have belief systems that we have gathered over time that say that the deep internal truth is wrong, but those belief systems are aspects of us that we can heal over time. Say, for instance, we grew up during the depression and we grew up in poverty. Our mind structured itself around a time that there was very little money in the world around us, so we would naturally feel like there was not limitless wealth. Quite the opposite, our mind would believe that money and resources were hard to come by. We have to retrain our mind to find the deep internal truth of wealth. I would suggest adding to the initial affirmation, "I am limitless abundance, I am limitless wealth and I ask for divine assistance in healing anything that stands in my way of abundance and wealth." This addition activates a deep internal shift that over time will heal what stands in your way of abundance.

An affirmation is something that a person who is working on financial issues within themselves needs in order to heal a belief in lack. Ultimately, limitless abundance is the truth of all of our beings, so we can bring ourselves to the feeling of limitless abundance and then eventually to the physical experience of limitless abundance. The hard part always is that the physical healing takes the longest and it's hard to have patience and to keep affirming when we don't see the results. Most of us in the Western world have been taught, "you have to see it to believe it."

So, our next assignment is to play with essence words like love, joy, peace, health, abundance, wealth, wisdom, and truth. Affirm that you are that essence word. "I am love, I am joy, I am peace, I am health, I am abundance, I am wealth, I am wisdom, I am truth." If you are not able to feel the truth of the affirmation, focus on the area that feels lacking and investigate it. If you don't feel peaceful, focus on peace and ask for divine assistance in healing what stands in your way of peace. Do this daily until you feel the affirmation in your heart and soul and then you will start seeing more peace in your life. Focus on one essence word at a time until you feel the essence of all the divine words in your heart and start to see the truth of your divinity in your life. This is an assignment over time. Love yourself along the way.

Monday, November 21, 2011


OK, so my first exercise that seemed fun to play around with is lying...  This is to get yourself in tune with feeling the energy of something that isn't true. Some of you will feel it in your mind and feel the "offness" of the lie that you're telling yourself mentally and some of you will feel it in your actual body- a gut or heart feeling. If you haven't done much when it comes to playing with the energy of life, some of you won't feel anything at all but keep practicing. We all have an intuitive mind whether we have used it or not. Some of our intuitive minds have been slumbering for a big part of our lives. The key is to wake it up so that you feel more engaged in life.

So, get to the exercise, right? Think of an extreme lie about yourself. Like, assuming you're not a movie star like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, say to yourself "I am incredibly famous with personal jets at my disposal." Or on the opposite end of life, again assuming this is not true about you, lie to yourself and say "I am homeless. I sleep on the streets in the freezing cold and I don't have enough to eat and I'm starving." Sit with the lie for a minute and feel your reaction to it. Where in your body do you feel different when you tell the lie? How does your mind react to the lie? Does your mind like the lie or is it repelled by the lie? Which extreme lie feels better or more familiar to you? Don't assume the obvious answer to that.

Play with other lies. Say, for instance, that you are in a really challenging relationship. Lie and say my relationship is the worst relationship in the world, and then lie and say that it is the best and most amazing relationship in the world. Feel the lie, feel in your body and/or in your mind where you experience the lack of truth.

The key is then to bring the lie closer and closer to the truth that you experience in your life until you feel what it is like to say the truth.

So, in the example of the money lie. Let's say you work as an accountant and you make a healthy living. Bring the homeless lie to a lie that says, "I barely make enough to survive. I live in a basic apartment that I don't love and I eat Ramen noodles." Ask the same questions that we asked about the more extreme lie. Then say another lie that is even closer to the truth, "I have a decent job, I just break even in a month." Again, ask the questions. Then, tell the truth and investigate how that feels in your body.

So, this exercise is an excellent first foray into the unknown territory of intuition, but if you are already a practicing intuitive it's also a great way to hone your skills. Plus, you learn a lot about yourself through the lies that you tell. We all lie to ourselves a bit throughout the day, and some of us lie quite a lot. Some of us lie and think our lives are better than they are, some of us lie and think our lives are much worse than they are. This exercise can help us identify our lies and start to access the truth of who we are. This will bring us closer to being at peace with who we are and where we are in life.

Have fun lying everyone and report in on how it goes! I always love your emails.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ghost Tour in New Mexico

I went on a ghost tour of Old Town in Albuquerque, NM this past Saturday night. It was an interesting tour, not because we saw ghosts, but because it pointed something out that was very important for me to realize.

This was a "scientific" tour of the ghosts in Albuquerque and they used equipment that was supposed to prove whether ghosts were there or not. The science part to me was very inconclusive, but the cool thing that was revealing was that it seemed like all the equipment used to identify ghosts were very sensitive to people who had a connection to spirit. I am not a detail person, as you all well know by now, so I won't get into the details, but the ghost tour people and I spiked the instruments, while the other people on the tour did not set them off very much.

To me that means that the more actively you connect to spirit, the more charged your energy is. Is this a good or a bad thing? I'll let you be the judge, but to me it seems like a good thing. It seems like that those of us who are working with the subtle world might be working with a different part of the brain that is active throughout the body.

So, the bottom line- get to the bottom line, right?- is that I got inspired even more to work with expanding my intuition and anyone out there who wants to join me. I am going to do weekly exercises and blogs talking about expanding intuition.

Here's to feeling more and more alive! (Funny that the inspiration to feel alive came from the dead on a ghost tour!)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Connecting with your Intuition

Check out Gilden and my new podcast about connecting with your intuition. http://intuitiveliz.com/podcast.html She and I have having a great time with this new endeavor. In this session together we talk about what intuition is and we give some simple ways of beginning to connect with your intuition more.

To me, intuition is a felt sense that utilizes our mind and our senses to feel into life. When we feel into life more, we are able to get a deeper understanding of the evolution that we are in. We can see if certain relationships are good for us when let ourselves pause and see how they make us feel. We can see if different circumstances serve us if we feel into whether we feel uplifted by them or downtrodden by them.

Tune into the podcast for more details on how to connect with your intuition and get some examples on how our intuition can serve us in our lives.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Podcast with Gilden

Here is a link to the first podcast Gilden and I did... This podcast gives a background on Gilden and I. It was a lot of fun, I hope you enjoy it. We will be posting podcasts every 2 weeks, and I will post a link here on my blog when a new one is posted. If anyone has topics that they would like us to talk about, feel free to let me know.


(By the way, we will be working on the sound quality! It'll be better next time.)