Thursday, December 8, 2011

Affirmations vs. Lying

How's everyone doing with "lying" and feeling into the energy of the lies? Hope well.

I have had some comments that sometimes affirmations feel like lies because if we affirm that we have limitless money and limitless resources and on a physical level we don't, that affirmation feels the same as lying. That is interesting to me as well.

I live on the assumption that we are all limitless abundance of all that is divine. We are limitless health, limitless wealth, limitless joy, peace, love, wisdom, balance, passion, clarity, and truth. This assumption comes from the internal feeling and experience that I get through meditation and hanging out with the divine nature of who I am over the years. (Meditation takes many forms for me and isn't always just sitting. I love to spend time with the divine while walking in the mountains, doing yoga, dancing, driving and all kinds of other "meditations.")

Many people have talked to me about affirmations and how the affirmations feel like a lie if they aren't experiencing what they are affirming. Again, let's use the example of someone who has very little money and who I might encourage to do an affirmation such as, "I am limitless abundance, I am limitless wealth." Doesn't that seem similar to the lying that we were playing with in our last exercise?

There is actually a small but very important distinction. With lying, we are saying we have something on the surface that we don't have or we are someone who we are not. For instance, if we lie and say that we have jets at our disposal and we are famous and we are naturally shy and like to live a simple life, this is a lie that would never resonate in our soul. We could never create this life.

When we affirm the essence of who we are, we are affirming a deep internal truth that our body and being resonates with. We may have belief systems that we have gathered over time that say that the deep internal truth is wrong, but those belief systems are aspects of us that we can heal over time. Say, for instance, we grew up during the depression and we grew up in poverty. Our mind structured itself around a time that there was very little money in the world around us, so we would naturally feel like there was not limitless wealth. Quite the opposite, our mind would believe that money and resources were hard to come by. We have to retrain our mind to find the deep internal truth of wealth. I would suggest adding to the initial affirmation, "I am limitless abundance, I am limitless wealth and I ask for divine assistance in healing anything that stands in my way of abundance and wealth." This addition activates a deep internal shift that over time will heal what stands in your way of abundance.

An affirmation is something that a person who is working on financial issues within themselves needs in order to heal a belief in lack. Ultimately, limitless abundance is the truth of all of our beings, so we can bring ourselves to the feeling of limitless abundance and then eventually to the physical experience of limitless abundance. The hard part always is that the physical healing takes the longest and it's hard to have patience and to keep affirming when we don't see the results. Most of us in the Western world have been taught, "you have to see it to believe it."

So, our next assignment is to play with essence words like love, joy, peace, health, abundance, wealth, wisdom, and truth. Affirm that you are that essence word. "I am love, I am joy, I am peace, I am health, I am abundance, I am wealth, I am wisdom, I am truth." If you are not able to feel the truth of the affirmation, focus on the area that feels lacking and investigate it. If you don't feel peaceful, focus on peace and ask for divine assistance in healing what stands in your way of peace. Do this daily until you feel the affirmation in your heart and soul and then you will start seeing more peace in your life. Focus on one essence word at a time until you feel the essence of all the divine words in your heart and start to see the truth of your divinity in your life. This is an assignment over time. Love yourself along the way.

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