Monday, March 14, 2011

A Prayer for Japan

I can't even imagine what it would be like to be in Japan with all that is going on over there. I know a couple of my clients are living over there right now and I want you to know that your whole country is in our prayers and in our hearts.

Here is a prayer that we can all say for Japan as well as this whole planet as it is shifting and changing.

"Dear God, Goddess, Divine Spirit, I ask for legions of angels and pure divine light to embrace Japan helping to heal it's tender spirit and restore the country to a state of health. Help everyone in Japan to feel embraced in light and love as the country grieves and as the world grieves for them. Help them to embrace their fears and find faith and divinity inside them and around them. Help the world to bond together in support for this divine island and help us to find the strength inside of us to hold steady so that balance can be restored for Japan. We envision a steady return to a pure state of health. Let the nuclear reactor be surrounded in light and health and healing. Let everyone be fed. Let everyone's trauma be experienced fully so that it can be transformed. Let everyone be held and embraced by their neighbors. Let us bond together as human beings and, in oneness, support each other with courage and strength.

I envision this planet as healthy and whole, filled with light and love and grace. As I hold this vision, the world around me is infused by this vision and it is healed. I see healthy water, healthy land, healthy plants, healthy animals, healthy and conscious humans, healthy air, and a healthy atmosphere. I am divinely healthy and whole and I share that wholeness with the world. Divinely one, as I embrace wholeness, the world comes into balance and wholeness again.

I honor this life, I honor this planet, I honor the world around me in a state of pure harmony, balance, and health. Bless Japan, bless this world, bless this life, bless this existence. And so it is, Amen."

Much love to you in Japan and to everyone holding love and light and strength for Japan and the rest of this planet. As we near 2012, we will find a lot of need for courage and strength and we will find it by bonding together in a state of divinity and love.

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