Monday, October 18, 2010

Living in Divine Truth

The affirmation, "I am Divine truth," is on my mind today. What exactly does that mean? Here's what it means for me. When I spend time and sit with my divinity, I feel a vast ocean of wisdom and support within me and surrounding me. There is a feeling of deep peace and tranquility and my mind stops whirling around all of the issues that I am facing in my life. I call this true surrender; I am surrendering to what is always there within me and around me. I can sit and find this truth no matter what is going on in my life. If there are more challenging circumstances in my life, it might be harder for me to access this ocean, it might be harder for me to still my mind, but the ocean is always there. This is divine truth.

I realize that I am lucky that I can still my mind and find this space relatively easily, although it took a lot of practice and focused intention to get to this place. I was actually a very intensely mental person in my earlier life and I never could get out of my head. I knew there was divinity in there, I just had a hard time accessing it. For me, the breakthrough that really got me into a deep space of divinity was learning yoga. Though I don't practice it much any more, it really helped me get out of my head.

A lot of people that I work with find challenges getting in touch with the divine within as well. It takes practice and it also takes finding what works for you. I recommend finding an activity that helps you "lose your mind."  For some people that would be running or biking or walking or yoga, for some people it would be knitting or cooking or cleaning (if it is cleaning you are welcome to come over to my house!), for some it would be drawing or painting or playing the guitar; we all have different way of getting out of our focused thinking. Practice whatever activity helps you get out of your head daily and ask for divine assistance in feeling and experiencing and knowing divine truth. You will start to connect more with your inner divinity and the truth will be revealed over time. The more you practice surrender, the more surrender will be natural to you.

Many blessings on your path to consciously living in divine truth. You will love being able to access a vast ocean of divinity more and more in your life. When you connect with divine truth, you will find life to be more fluid and gentle and more meaningful.

If you need help on this path, let me know. Love and Light, Liz

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