Tuesday, December 22, 2009


What wild energy there is in the holiday season! Chaos is in the air and it's time to ground and center in our divinity before we all float away. Here's a prayer to say... "Dear God, Goddess, Divine Spirit, help me to find my divine center. Help me to remember to be present in a state of gratitude with every step that I take here on this earth. Surround me and my family and friends with extra angels to guide me on an easy and gentle path through this season and though all seasons of my life. Thank you God Goddess, Divine Spirit, Amen."

More from me soon. I have a lot to say about all the recent people and animals leaving this planet. There's so much preparation happening for the shift that earth is going through that will be complete in 2012. A lot of souls are joining the divine forces in spirit to help with the transition. We are truly returning to and centering into a state of love on this planet, and whether our soul is here physically on earth or has died and gone into spirit, we are all a part of this return to love. Many blessings to everyone for a joyful holiday season. Don't forget the Wednesday night group at 7:30 Mountain time if you need a little extra support. Love and Light, Liz

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Deep Honesty

Most people if you ask them would say they believe honesty is a good thing to live by. The degrees of honesty can be so vastly different, though, that we might all be talking about different things when we say we believe in honesty.

Does honesty mean telling what happened in a day?
Does honesty mean expressing your emotions even if they are challenging to find within yourself?
Does honesty mean calling to attention thoughts that are going on in your head?
Does honesty mean getting real with yourself and others and would that look the same to you as it would to someone else?

I am going to challenge us all on the level of being deeply honest with yourself. Look at the areas of your life that aren't working and get real with yourself. What are your thought patterns surrounding these areas of challenge? What is your emotional response? What patterns are you re-living? How can you love and nurture yourself as well as challenge yourself to grow?

I will look at the area of financial abundance, for example. Let us say that you want financial abundance in your life, but it is not manifesting. Are you affirming abundance in your life? Are you asking for divine assistance to release what stands in your way of abundance? Are you doing this daily, and if necessary, multiple times daily? If the answer is yes and you're still stuck, are you getting help from a counselor to work out the emotions and mental patterns you have around abundance? If the answer is still yes, are you giving yourself and the divine patience for the patterns to heal?

It can be a challenging process to stay centered with all that we want to shift and grow into in life. Being focused on what we want to create and being deeply honest with ourselves when it comes to what stands in our way can make giant shifts in our relationship with life.

A prayer for honesty would be, "Dear God, Goddess, Divine Spirit, help me to find a deep state of honesty in my life. Let me be honest with myself so that I can find honesty in all of my relationships in my life. Help me to find strength in honesty and help me to express this honesty in the world, and so it is, Amen