Monday, September 27, 2010

Creativity and Healing

I just read today in a horoscope that creativity cannot exist without healing. This is is an interesting concept to me. I think the writer was talking about creativity in terms of life, meaning as we create what we desire in our life, we are naturally healing what stands in our way of that desire. Makes sense to me. So, in order to create we must heal, in order to heal, we must create. I have always seen that with the law of attraction. When we start to bring in our intentions, naturally the blocks that we have in the way of those intentions come to the forefront of our lives.

Let's say we want to create a romantic relationship in our lives. What is it that stands in our way of that relationship? For some of us it is lack of self worth, or lack of self love, or a fear of intimacy, or fear of trusting, and for some it is all of the above. So when we bring the energy of a romantic relationship closer to us, we also bring healing into our lives. We might create people who are close to what we want, but not quite right so we can work out our issues for the right person. We might work out intimacy issues with our close friends. We start to hear and feel our insecurities louder in our mind. All of this is a sign that we are on the right track, although it can appear to be the opposite. It is a tendency for us to get close to our desires and to give up because we see all the problems that we might have with the desire at hand. Instead, know that the closer you are to your desire, the more heightened your issues will be. This could be called a "healing crisis". Ask for divine assistance in moving through your issues and healing them so that you can deeply create in your life.

I love the simple thought that as we create, we heal. It can help our mind find peace in the midst of intense healing processes.

Much Love, Liz

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It has occurred to me that the transformation that we are all going through is what some people call "ascension", or moving into a multi-dimensional self. What this means for us is that we will be able to perceive life in a fuller and more fluid way than we have in the past; we will be able to see and feel and experience ourselves as more than just physical beings; we will know our divinity more consciously and more tangibly. This is an exciting time on the planet. When we feel into the world around us, we can know oneness and the interconnection between us and the world around us. Ahhh, how brilliant and how challenging.

All of our egos are taking a bruising at this time in our evolution because in order to ascend, our egos need to take a back seat to our divinity. Our egos have been so taught to lead, that they are kicking and screaming as we are evolving. We need to honor our ego and talk to it. Give it love and send it gently to it's place. Our ego's true job is to serve our divinity, we have culturally just taught it to lead us. When it is leading, we get caught up in the physical world and forget to see the deeper and broader picture. We create dramas in our lives and in our minds. When the ego is in it's divine place, the drama drops away. The ego settles into it's role of serving the divine within and the divine around us. We take inspired actions that serve us and the greater whole. We find peace.

A prayer to help would be, "Dear God, Goddess, Divine Spirit, help me to ascend to a multi-dimensional self. Help my ego to find it's place in an easy and gentle way. Embrace my ego with divine love and light as it struggles and help me to honor it's place without giving it too much power. I open to the limitless nature of the divine wisdom within me that will help me to experience life in a richer way. I allow this wisdom to guide me in my life and I ask that my ego learn to follow it. In gratitude and thanks, Amen."

Much love and light to you all, Liz

Thursday, September 16, 2010


There seems to be an intense energy of transformation for all of us this year. We all have the opportunity to transform core beliefs that do not serve us anymore so that we can enter into a more joyful and blissful life. Transformation in the short run can be deeply troubling because the rug is being pulled out from under us over and over again. We can lose a sense of identity and sometimes even forget our purpose. In the long run, however transformation is a good thing and can lead us to deeper, richer lives.

How do we handle transformation in as graceful a manner as we possibly can?

Make sure that you use grounding techniques. Get out into the sunshine and let it clear and cleanse you. Cold water splashed on your face and hands can immediately wake you up and get you present. Deep breaths can ground and center you. If you just feel completely overwhelmed all the time, holding a rock can be useful. All of this helps you to connect to your body and connect to the earth. We are all rooted here on this planet at this time, and our connection to the earth can soothe and comfort us in deep and powerful ways.

Remember that the transformation that you are in at this time is going to lead you home to a divine center. Surrender to this transformation and ground yourself in the midst of it and you will find a place of peace.

Many Blessings,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Clearing your mind

There is so much buzz around the concept that our thoughts are powerful and have the ability to create our reality. If we believe that, then it is vital to spend time daily clearing our thoughts and finding deep and pure intentions in our lives. We spend time brushing our teeth, cleaning our houses, showering, but very little if any time clearing our energy and our minds. It makes sense that life could get a bit muddy. If we never cleaned our house, what would it look like? If we never brushed our teeth, what would we smell like? :)

How, you might ask- how do we clear our thoughts? Spend time with them. Do some form of meditation. Some people meditate well seated with their eyes closed and emptying their minds. This form of meditation doesn't work well for most of us, so find a form that does. Take a walk in the fresh air, do yoga, ride an exercise bike, run, journal, draw, paint. Do something where you can focus on your thoughts and let them clear out. Do a daily prayer, "Dear God, Goddess, Divine Spirit, help me to cleanse and clear my thoughts and my body, mind, heart, and spirit. Help me to set healthy intentions in my life. Help me to create a beautiful and inspired life, through beautiful and inspired thoughts and actions." Give yourself a daily clearing and report back to me on how it has changed your life. Lots of Love, Liz